Thursday, 7 May 2009

Good move

I headed out to the wild in the morning. I didn't really plan on going to the hide to take pictures, since the best time to be there is when the sun is rising or then in the evening, waiting for the sunset since most birds and animals are active in the early- or late hours of the day and tend to lay low during daytime. So my idea was to go out more for the exercise and freshair rather than photography.

I walked about in the area and then decided to go take a snackbreak at the hide. At the hide I took another piece of camo netting from my backpack and set it up next to the hide, as a sort of "open extension" to my hide. I had just set the netting up and was enjoying my snack when I looked up over the netting. Four cranes and a curlew had arrived next to my hide. I had no choice but to start taking pictures. As I looked around I noticed quite a few more birds nearby. I remained at the hide for just over an hour and had lots to observe and even some pictures to take. My decision to move the hide was obviously a good one. Todays pictures:

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