Sunday, 7 June 2009

New camera on a walk about

I got my new camera yesterday. Today I decided to go out to the wild, mainly to check out if my hide was allright after the stormy winds of the last few days. I also planned on taking some of the camo netting off, since I no longer needed the "extension" to my hide that I made for our little meet at the swamp some time ago. I gave my good friend Simo a call, and even though my call came on a short notice, he was all set to go out and see what we could find at the swamp.

Our walk about started off on a good note, as soon as we got out of the car we spotted a black woodpecker at the other side of the clearing. I managed to get a couple of quick snapshots, from a rather long distance away, though:
At the swamp a couple of wood sandpipers were flying about as we walked towards the hide. Judging by their behaviour, they had offspring somewhere close by. We took a few quick pictures and headed off, not wanting to disturb them any more than it was necessary to get past the area.
The hide had remained in place, and on the way back we saw the osprey returning to it's nest from its own trip.
For a quick walk about and a sort of "getting acquainted with my new camera" -trip, this was a pretty good outing. Now I need to take a nap before heading off to night shift.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Too bad

Sometimes it would be nice to be on the scene when something interesting happens without being "on the job" and with my camera in hand. For example, today would have produced some great pictures. Pro photographer Lassi Kujala did stop by while the situation was going on, and he got the pictures needed for the local newspaper.THIS is what I´m talking about.

The good news is that I received a phone call at the end of the day. My new camera is waiting to be picked up tomorrow. Now I have to still remain patient for a moment longer.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Time to be patient

I stopped in our local photography shop today. Näppäri is a great place, I have allways received excellent service from them. The same was true today, and after a few moments in the shop, we had come to an agreement that they would call me when my new camera has arrived. It was a bit unclear if the camera would arrive tomorrow or in a couple of days, but I'm in no hurry since I will not have time for photography for the next few days anyway. I could have ordered the camera for a slightly cheaper price from somewhere else over the internet, but I must say that I gladly pay a few extra euros for face-to-face service and for the fact that the shop is and will remain in business in our town center.