Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Case Studio Hera Bell continued

Since yesterday, this "blog" has been started. These are the same pics that have been posted in dpreview discussion earlier. I do not know who put it up and if new examples will be posted in the future. I do know that a few chaps are still going thru every single picture they can find on the net that is somehow related to Studio Hera Bell. I'm not sure if it really serves any real purpose, after all ms. Bell has been caught and her reputation is gone. All new discoveries will be only "another stolen picture" without being much of a surprise to anyone or having much of a meaning with regards to ms. Bells downfall. Then again, as some of the actives stated on page 21 of the discussion where this all started "it's freezing outside and there is not much else to do" and "with enough coverage, we can make sure her potential clients in vancouver know what a fake she is." Yes, vengeange can become rather ugly at times, but I must admit that until ms. Bell comes forward, apologizes and cleans up her act and all of her websites, I don't have much sympathy for her.

As can be seen from the cases collected here and as I stated in my previous post, this is not the first such case and most likely will not be the last, phototheft on the net happens every day.

So, if you are a photographer and don't wish to get ripped off, it might be a good idea run a check on where your pictures have ended up every now and then. Google picture search is one way of doing it.

Those couple of cases that happened to me were corrected with a simple e-mail. In the first case, the picture was promptly removed and a reply with apologies sent and the second one I let the young girl keep after I had pointed out that she could not use my dog pics without my permission. She seemed to understand and offered to remove them, at which point I told her to keep them, just so she would remember to ask permission the next time she wanted to use pictures taken by someone else to lighten up her webpage about cute doggies.

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  1. one good tool for checking your images is It allows you to upload an image or use the URL link, and it will search for similar images to yours.