Monday, 6 April 2009

Here we go

I've been writing my blog on nature and wildlife photography in finnish for half a year now. Now I decided to start writing my entries in english also, just to keep my language skills up and maybe to get an "international" view on things. So, from now on I will keep my original blog going as before, but for each posting I will also do a translation.

At the moment I'm looking to get pictures of Black Grouses, especialy their mating rituals. My photography hide is at the swamp / wetland area, at a location where I've seen grouse flocks last year. All thru winter I've been skiing at and around the swamp area, looking at animal tracks, droppings and other telltale marks to find a good location for my hide. Here are a few pictures of what I am talking about:
This is what the area in question looks like in the fall:
This picture was taken a week ago:
This is my photography hide being erected:
Here are a couple of pictures from last spring / summer:

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